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Motorcycle Rider Education

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Advanced Rider Course


The ARC may be taken by riders using any type of motorcycle. It is a one day course. There are ten riding excercises with time for discussion, breaks, and lunch. There is no formal skill test, but there is a knowledge test that may be self-scored (or may be givien as a formal, end-of-course assessment.) The overall aim is to provide rider development in the areas of risk management, decision making, riding strategies, and rider behavior and choices. This includes learner activities to foster gains in knowledge, skill, attitude, values, and habits. (Speeds are higher and maneuvers more challenging than the Basic Rider Course.) BRING YOUR OWN STREET-LEGAL MOTORCYCLE to ride in class. See online Materials List for important information.
  • Total Hours: 8.0
  • CEUs: 0.8

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Basic Motorcycle


This course is for individuals who want to learn basic techniques. A valid driver's license is required at the first class meeting. Please note that a three hour online e-course is required before the first class. A code will be emailed to you for access to this e-course. Certificate of e-course completion must be presented to instructor at first class. The motorcycle range activity Includes riding on small (100-350 cc) training motorcycles. Must pass both a written and riding assessment to receive a completion certificate. For license waiver option, present valid driver's license at first class and pass all assessments. ~ Prerequisite: Must be eligible for a motorcycle driver's license and be able to ride a bicycle. This course is not an alternate to the driver education requirement for under 18-year-old drivers. Meets the standards set by SC law for insurance discount. Half helmets are not allowed, must be full face or open face helmet.
  • Total Hours: 18.0
  • CEUs: 0.0

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