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Increase Your Business: How to Network, Prospect, and Close More Sales


Don't wait for new customers to find you. Through networking you can reach out to uncover new prospects. With some simple sales techniques you can turn those prospects into new business! In this course you'll improve your networking and prospecting techniques plus you'll learn how you can definitely increase your business with relationship oriented selling.

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Tax and Small Business - Bookkeeping for Tax Compliance


Bookkeeping is necessary to understand the health and financial viability of businesses and to pay the proper amount of tax. Without adequate bookkeeping taxing authorities may guesstimate your tax liability. This seminar keeps it simple with demonstrations using manual and electronic spreadsheets.

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Tax and Small Business - Concepts


As a business owner, tax concepts are important to understand. The following topics and questions will be discussed. What is taxed, when are taxes determined, who are the responsible parties, what is the business property, what are business records, and what costs are business expenses. Examples will be provided to help with these concepts.

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Tax and Small Business - Developing a Business Plan


Small business owners and prospective small business owners often have an initial vision and a mental plan for operating their businesses. Putting that mental plan into writing is important. A written business plan will help guide the process of starting and operating one's business. It's also an important tool to show investors, lenders, and others when you are trying to establish your business.

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Tax and Small Business - Your Choice of Business Entity


Small businesses face several choices when selecting the type of business entity (i.e. corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, proprietorships, qualified joint ventures, etc.). These choices have potential tax implications. In this seminar/workshop attendees work with forms and filings related to selection of a business entity.

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