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Small Business - Bookkeeping for Tax Compliance


Bookkeeping is necessary to understand the health and financial viability of businesses and to pay the proper amount of tax. Without adequate bookkeeping, taxing authorities may guesstimate your tax liability. This class keeps it simple with demonstrations using manual and electronic spreadsheets.

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Small Business - Developing a Business Plan


Small business owners and prospective small business owners often have an initial vision and a mental plan for operating their businesses. Putting that mental plan into writing is important. A written business plan will help guide the process of starting and operating one's business. It's also an important tool to show investors, lenders, and others when you are trying to establish your business.

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Small Business - Developing the Organization


In organizing a small business you ought to consider matters such as who, where, and how your business is to operate. Who are the owners? Who is responsible for what? Who ought to be board members? Who should not be board members? Who is the resident agent? Where will the business register and where will it operate? How are the operations managed? How does a board of directors help? How is an organizational chart helpful?

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Small Business - Financial Forecasts


Financial forecasts are useful in budgeting, organizing, financing, starting, operating and managing your business. Learn to calculate your expected needs. What amount is needed to keep the doors open? For example, how will your cost for supplies affect your ability to sell the product? How many items or products need to be sold before you break even? How many need to be sold before you make a profit?

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