Course Description Summary

Course Name : CEPIC-555

Course Title: Video Editing Certificate

Course Description:
Learn basic and some advanced techniques in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Includes how to add transitions, basic effects, syncing sound, basic color correction, and how to format video in standard and high-definition formats for export. In addition, students will learn how to upload video and various media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Concludes with a video production reel that can be utilized to gain employment. A DSLR camera that captures video, a video camera, or a smartphone that captures video is required. A subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and a 500 GB Mac and PC compatible external hard drive is also required. Please note that students will be able to subscribe to the Adobe Premiere Pro CC software at the student's rate once enrolled into the class or if already enrolled in any other class at Midland's Technical College. Prerequisite: Knowledge of basic computer functions and the ability to organize computer files.