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Cybersecurity Analyst

Protecting data and technology requires a specific set of advanced skills. Threats are ever present and adapting to defense techniques quickly. It is critically important for any business's overall success to have a team of technology professionals with the right training defending their valuable information assets. Completing this intensive training in 10 to 12 weeks will develop and hone your capabilities in network and data protection, penetration testing, and threat analysis. Obtaining the corresponding industry certifications from CompTIA, Sec+, CySA+ and PenTest+ will show employers you are ready and able to accomplish the tasks required. Cybersecurity professionals are in demand for small, medium, and large business as well as any local, state, or government entity. Starting salary on average is $48 an hour. Prerequisites: Five years of networking experience or program approval.

Course NameCostHours
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Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)$199930
Estimated program cost: $ 5,997

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