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Maintenance Electrical Technician
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Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to begin an exciting career in the high-demand field of Electrical Industrial Maintenance. Industrial Maintenance Technicians are in high demand throughout business and industry. The opportunities for Maintenance Technicians are growing rapidly with the resurgence of manufacturing throughout the United States. If you enjoy working with your hands and love a challenge and interested in becoming a key player in keeping Americas industrial facilities operational this may be the career field for you. This new and improved training program provides extended hands-on lab training to reinforce the theory taught in the classroom in the following area: Basic Electronics, Industrial Sensor Technology, Electrical Motor Controls, Variable Frequency Drives, Programmable Logic Controllers, and Electrical Troubleshooting.

Course NameCostHours
Take all of the following
General Electrical Safety -B$19912
Basic Math for Electricians -B$19912
Electrical Fundamentals$99958
Elecctrical Fundamentals II -B$84948
Electrical Fundamentals III -B$74944
Electrical Print Reading -B$34920
Basic Electronics-B$74944
Electrical Motor Controls-B$94948
Industrial Sensor Technology-B$84944
Variable Frequency Drives-B$94952
Programmable Logic Controllers - B$84952
Estimated program cost: $ 8,488

See current class schedule for all program classes

The cost of books and materials may not be included in this estimate. Check the 'Materials list' hyper link on the class search results page for details on each course.