Audio Engineer
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If microphones, mixing consoles, compressors, EQ's reverbs and power amps are music to your ears, this is the training program for you. Over nine months you will learn from experienced instructors and work with state-of-the-art equipment in a real studio to get a comprehensive perspective of audio engineering. From there you could manage the business aspects of a band, run sound for artists or theaters, produce sound and troubleshoot PA systems in a church, or direct a church music group. Audio engineers earn about $19 an hour. Classes held at: Midlands Audio Institute 207 South Prospect Street Columbia, SC 29205 (803) 782-6910

Course NameCostHours
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Audio Engineering, Introduction$44916
Commercial Music Theory$44916
Digital Music Production$44918
Studio Recording I$44918
Studio Recording II$44918
Live Sound Production$44918
Music Business$44916
Studio Recording III$44918
Estimated program cost: $ 3,592

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