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Front-End Web Developer
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In three to four months you can be working for a company creating websites and web-enabled software systems as a front-end web developer. Earn over $30 an hour on average, using Adobe Photoshop and JavaScript to create the environment for everything that web users see and touch. If you are detail-oriented and good with a keyboard, you can train for this creative career as a web developer, webmaster, or web design architect for companies of every size and industry. To earn this certificate, students must successfully complete the following courses within a two-year period. Courses should be taken in the order listed below.

Course NameCostHours
Take all of the following
CSS3 - Cascading Style Sheets$109924
Website Marketing$65918
Photoshop, Introduction$39912
Website Production Lab$59918
Estimated program cost: $ 4,914

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The cost of books and materials may not be included in this estimate. Check the 'Materials list' hyper link on the class search results page for details on each course.