Materials List for Course: CEMED-500-55

StatusMaterials InformationPrice Estimate
RequiredImmunization Record is required. If no record of immunization is
available, student may have titers drawn or get all vaccines prior to
the first day of the class start date. For immunization form, please
go to MTC website at

Estimated cost for Titers is $200 - $250.
Estimated cost of Vaccines $250 - $400.

2 Step TB test-PPD within 9 months of start of clinicals.
Estimated Cost $100 - $200.

SLED Background Check done within 30 days of the start of class (must
have clean record for 10 years) must be presented to instructor on the
first day of class is required.

Current cost of SLED Background Check is $25.

Estimated cost for the five checks below is $90

National Sex Offender Registry Check
Office of Inspector General List of Excluded Individuals and Entities
Federal Criminal File Search
National Criminal File Search
General Services Administration (GSA) List of Excluded Individuals and

Drug Screening Test (5-panel minimum) must be done within 30 days of
the start of class and must be clean. This must be presented to the
instructor on the first week of class.

Current cost of Drug Screening Test is $25

White Scrubs and white closed toe shoes (no crocs w/holes) must be
worn during class and clinical rotations.
Estimated cost for scrubs is $25 and estimated cost for shoes is $25.

Calipers are required for this course - $10.


Total Required Materials: 740.00
Total Materials: 740.00