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Welcome to All Phlebotomy Students:
Midland's Technical College, the MTC Phlebotomy Department and Wolfe
Inc have created a simple process to order:
. Criminal Background Screening
. Drug Test
. Document Storage System- to retain all immunization records, health
documents, etc. (Hep. B titer or vaccine, MMR titer or vaccine,
Varicella (Chickenpox) titer or vaccine, Flu & Covid Vaccine, Tetanus
(Tdap), and 2-step TB (this means a total of 2 injections at least a
week apart)) Prices varies
. HIPPA and Blood Pathogen Training

During your ordering process, you will create your log in credentials
to return to your account at any time.

The costs for your required services are:
Background Screening- $48.00
Drug Test- $30.00
Document Storage- $21.00
HIPPA and Blood Pathogen Training $22.00

Place your order here

Wolfe Authorization PIN for Phlebotomy Students: 1000

For technical issues, please contact Wolfe using the following contact
Chat access is available on all pages of our online system. Your
student services team will be available Monday -Friday 8am until 5 pm
except holidays. Messages afterhours will be returned on the next
business day.
Student Services email:
Telephone: 1-800-979-1739

Gray scrubs and closed toe white shoes (no crocs w/holes) must be
worn during class and clinical rotations.

Estimated cost for scrubs is $25 and estimated cost for shoes is $25

Lab Jacket is now required in all Phlebotomy classes. $25

In addition, visit:

and download your immunization record and bring it to your first day of


Total Required Materials: 500.00
Total Materials: 500.00