Materials List for Course: CEPYT-600-34

StatusMaterials InformationPrice Estimate
RequiredThe morning session from 9am-12noon will be a virtual classroom
session. You will receive a link to the class on Thursday before your
first Saturday class.

The afternoon portion from 1pm - 4pm will meet at the YMCA downtown at
1447 Hampton Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Attendance is required at both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Visit for more information.

Textbook is available from WITS and other retailers:
Title: Fitness Professional's Handbook 8th Edition With HKPropel Access

ISBN: 9781718217829

List price: $109.00

Please use these links for students to purchase:



Students are required to become Adult CPR/AED certified. The cost of
this requirement is not included in course tuition. An optional
30-hour internship is available at no additional cost.


Total Required Materials: 109.00
Total Materials: 109.00