Materials List for Course: CEMOT-501-35

StatusMaterials InformationPrice Estimate
RequiredPlease acquire the required protective equipment prior to the first

Students are required to wear the following protective clothing during
EVERY riding session:
A DOT approved full face or open face helmet is required. Half
coverage helmets are prohibited. If you do not have a helmet, one can
be provided.
Eye protection, i.e., face-shield, sunglasses, goggles, or glasses
Long sleeve jacket
Long pants, preferably jeans or leather
Over-the-ankle foot wear, not cloth or canvas. Heels over 1" are not
Full finger gloves

A Waiver Form must be completed and signed by all participants during
the first session. Riders under the age of 18 but at least 15 years of
age must have a parent or guardian sign the Waiver Form. Parents or
guardians of riders under the age of 18 must come to the first class
meeting. No one will be allowed on the motorcycle until a Waiver Form
is signed.

Please bring a pen, pencil and a note pad.

Optional equipment includes rain gear, sun block, and sunglasses. You
may want to bring a small cooler with water or other liquids, but
ALCOHOLIC beverages are strictly PROHIBITED. Range exercises may last
beyond the lunch schedule, so consider bringing a snack.

SC Driver's license or equivalent (learner's permits are considered a
license for this class).

Replacement Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course Completion Card can be
obtained at the link below. Midlands Technical College does not issue
replacement cards.


Total Required Materials: 100.00
Total Materials: 100.00