Materials List for Course: CEDDC-500-83

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Arrive 10 minutes early. No late arrivals will be admitted. A pencil
or pen is needed in class.

Driver's license number and state of issue are required when
registering. Points must be posted on your Department of Motor Vehicle
(DMV) record before taking the course. Verify your points online at

Drivers with an out-of-state license or a suspended license may take
the course. However, you will be responsible to provide your
documentation to whoever requested or required you to complete the
class. Check with your respective out-of-state agency to ensure the
National Safety Council certificate is accepted for point reduction.

See the websites below for additional information from the South
Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and South Carolina National
Safety Council.

National Safety Council Point Reduction

SC Department of Motor Vehicles

MTC does not provide replacement Defensive Driving certificates.
Replacement certificates must be obtained from the National Safety
Council, 121 Ministry Drive, Irmo, SC 29063. 803.732.6778


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