How to make the most of the class catalog search page.

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We've revised the course search page and hope that you will find it quicker and easier to use.  Here are some tips to help you make the most of the search features.

Search parameters
The more parameters you use in your search the fewer results you'll have to browse through. For example, if you only specify the 'All Sessions' term and 'Show only open sections', you'll see every class for every subject for every campus for every meeting day and time for the specified term. In the Fall or Spring full session, that would be around 2,000 classes.

Limits the search to classes scheduled for the selected term. Academic terms are comprised of several sessions.  To search all of the sessions for a term, choose the entry with the phrase "... All Sessions"; to search just the full term session, choose the entry marked  "... Full Session"; and , to search a specific sessions within a term, choose  it. Generally, there will be sessions for two academic terms to choose from.

Show only open sections
Checking the 'Show only open sections' limits the search to just those sections that had open seats as of the last time the data was updated. On most week days, this will be as of the last half or whole clock hour. On heavy registration days, the data is refreshed every 10 minutes. Clicking the 'Check for available seats' link will give you the up-to-the-second seat availability.

You can specify up to five subject / course number / section combinations, enough to find courses for a full schedule. Each subject row must have a subject selected  in order for the other parameters to be considered.

Selecting a campus location will limit the search to classes meeting on that campus.

Classes meeting after / classes meeting before
You can select values for both, or one and not the other. If you select both after and before time, the results will be for classes that meet between those times.

Meeting days
Meeting days selected use 'AND' logic, meaning that if you check both Monday and Tuesday, classes have to have meetings on both days to be a match. 

Course title keywords
If more than one word is entered, the search is done as a single phrase, not individual words. For example, if you enter "dental" and "hygiene", the search would return only those classes with 'dental hygiene' in the title. The field is NOT case sensitive.

Instructor's last name
Enter just the instructor's last name. The field is NOT case sensitive.